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Muscle MachinesTM
Muscle Machines has produced a line of 1:64th Scale Super-Charged Die-Cast Yesteryear Hot Rods
They  are really Cool!  And representive of  the T-Shirt Craze and Art of the 60's
'66 Pontiac GTO
   Darby Rangers

Slap-On Art Decals - Stickers, from gorgeous hot girl surf sticker to freaky monsters decal

Let me tell you about Slap.On.Com...
I like sites I find by accident which turn out to be really Cool!  I also like good looking ladies;  and I have always been a fan of pin-up art.  Slap.On has some really cool stuff...Maybe you have everything for that Hot-Rod except that Good-Looking Girl...Well; now you are going to have your choice
Check out some samples:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
                         Like Rx7 Rice Burner's...
      John Vaughn says check out his site! &  Rita Bonita from Slap.On.Com


   Need anything for your plane?
        John handles all things that have to do with air-planes, too!

Parts, Service, Rebuild, Repair, FAA Inspections,
   You name it we saw 'em do it all...
     (The Joe D. Vaughn International Airport   Located North of Lubbock Texas)

Brand New Retro-Rods Rule!!!

How big is the Hot Rod Industry in America...
Dodge has dedicated their whole line of PT Cruiser's
to the Retro-Rod Design...
That is pretty big...pictured here;  2000 Cruisers
sitting on the ready line for the San Antonio Auto
Auction Annual Anniversary Sale!!!
All these are over-stocks going to dealers.
The down side of the PT Cruiser is its motor-size...
Imagine a little larger model with a hemi.....

                       Fed up like we are with the Bill Clinton's of the World...                       
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