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     Welcome to the Garage!
    Ole' Blue under a load
  1968 Ford Ranger
My current project is my 1968 Ranger. My dad purchased this truck in late '68 and I drove it off the show-room floor. I bought it from him in 1974; and have held onto it ever since.
My Ford has 147,000 miles on her and has alot of miles to go before her end!
In her many years of service she never had a mechanical failure til' she sucked a valve at 135,000 miles after pulling a 5th Wheel  to the East Coast and back
 The trailer  was over- size for her age and overweight as she was also carrying a printing press and gobs of household items.
A cheap rebuilt motor in 1981 was installed and bought her more time; but that motor was never good enough to last.
It was  time to either do the rebuild or let her go to pot!
Ole' Blue in the midst of the heart transplant.
The truck still had FOMOCO paper inspection  slips inside the headlight housings and fenders, and around all the wiring harnesses.
This patch and a decal of the same caliber were included inside every 1998 F-Series
1998 was the 50th year for the F-100  built Ford tough!