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Construction Site Office and Delivery Truck

Pipe Truck

Caravan Trailer

Just a Dog...Vista Dome Bus downsized to fit into the packages
Finally looks pretty good in blown up photo

Ice Cream Truck

Milk Truck

plastic boat and trailer

Trash Truck

British Landrover

Thames Delivery Van

Livestock Truck

Monster Truck 8 Wheeled Tipper

BP Tanker

City Bus Service

Oil Field or Heavy Metal Crane

BP Wrecker

Cattle Hauler and restless passenger

Plastic Wheeled construction roller

Super Duty 8 Wheeled Crane

The Denver Pumper

Large Hook Crane

Unimog Truck in early colors

Bedford Tipper in Red

Kent Fire Brigade

Mustang Fastback 2+2 with movable front wheels
The Red version is the valuable issue

Hard use Jeep Pickup...this was my favorite 'about town vehicle'
and shows the heavy use

Ford Galaxie Fire Chief
Ford Galaxie Police Car and Cadillac Ambulance

Oil Exploration 6 Wheeled All Terrain Vehicle

Ford Ranger once housed an animal under a glass camper

Suicide Door Lincoln
My father owned the same car in Black which I drove to the Senior Prom

My very first Matchbox purchased Salida Colorado

Mini - Cooper Road Course Machine

Redline Fastback Mustang

Corgi XK E series Jag couldn't hold a candle to the Matchbox version

One of Matchbox's most popular cars of the late 60's - 70's

Corgi Flower Power VW Bugster
'Hitler's Revenge'

65 Grand Prix in Red/Orange

Matchbox's Mercedes with the first opening doors

Opal Diplomat in Fastwheels version
Early production Opal Diplomat  with slight lighter color variation
A light blue one of these sold for $9000 recently making it the highest
Price ever paid for a single matchbox car.

Hotwheels Boss Mustang

Wheelie Dragster with tilt body

Open-Wheel Racers