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Tomica Mainland Japan Models

These models were purchased in Japan between 1974 - 76

Japanese Police Car



Delivery Van

Container Truck

Early Toyota


Pumper Firetruck


Spanish made Bulldozer


Hot Chemical Truck

6 Wheeled Tipper
Red-Line Hotwheels Flamed Van

Winnebago Chieftain Motor Coach

Pepsi Cola Delivery Truck
The Japanese Soda Can was as big around as a toilet paper roll
and nearly twice as long...I think they cost 30 Yen which was about .10 Cents

Japanese Self-Defense Force Jeep

Livestock Hauler
Cattle were raised in-doors in barns

Auto Transport downsized much like the Matchbox Greyhound Bus

VW Dune Buggy



Airport Ground Support Vehicles


Construction Machines
Mobil Gravel Excavator

Cat Road Grader

Cat Road Grader and Sand Plow

Sakai Roller

Paving Machine
Hitachi Bucket Crane