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                           Welcome to the Lonestar State...
  Home of President George W. Bush
                  Whistling Ray; Dallas Cowboys Yell Leader at Brownwood Texas
Michael Joe Calvert of San Antonio Snake handlers; performing at Boerne Texas. You don't have to be crazy to be from Texas; unless you are going to have a hobby like this. Mike worked at Texas Southern Railroad. He has performed across the west and even in Europe; where he was bitten by a King Cobra and survived thanks to anti-venom flown in on the Concorde. Mike resides in the Hill Country and is remarkable! And crazy (LOL!).
One things Texans believe in...they like to look you in the eye...even if you are a rattlesnake!

            A true Texas Long-Horn in a State controlled herd near Fort Phantom Hill Texas


Alamo Plaza San Antonio de Bexar...The Alamo has seen millions of tourists who have passed thru these doors to honor the fallen heros of the Great State of Texas.  The defenders of this already abandoned mission bought the Republic of Texas time to pass the Constitution of the Republic of Texas in 1836. The Alamo is open to the public.

An example of an 1800's period homestead located at Fredricksburg Texas in the Hill Country of Texas the community is German and served as a barrier against Indian raids.

Palo Duro Canyon; the creek is the Prarie Dog Town South Fork of the Red River...above right is called the 'The Fortress' areas like this inspired legends  of the 7 cities of gold

Some 250 miles long with some depths to 800 feet the Canyon of the Palo Duro is the Grand Canyon of Texas. Not settled until the 1890's this area was the home of Chief Nacona who abducted Cynthia Ann Parker of East Texas; their son who had one blue eye and one brown eye became the terror of the Plains; his name was Quanah Parker; later War Chief of the Quahadi Comanches who roamed the El Llano Estacado or the Great Plateau area of Northwest Texas.  Quanah never was conquered but signed a truce with the federal government and he was removed to Ft. Sill Oklahoma where he took on many of the white mens ways.

        A period Yacht from the early 1900's sits moored to it's dock in Corpus Christi Bay

Brackettville Texas scene; from the town used in many westerns; John Wayne filmed his epic movie about the Alamo here; and scenes from Lonesome Dove were captured on film as well as a dozen others.

 The railroads of Texas helped open up the state to commerce; #6081 brings us coal

           A windmill and thunderhead out upon the once forboding 'Staked Plains'

      A Texas Shrimp Boat heads for open waters at Aransas Pass near Corpus Christi

 Typical architecture of an early 1900's East Texas Ranch House; now a 'Bed n' Bath'

 The mission at 'Old Brackettville' also used in the many movies shot on this location

  'The Texxan' of Texas Southern Railroad...headed for the UP Passenger Station

Bob's '78 Silver Anniversay Vette camped at 'Port A' one of Texas's great getaways!

     Texas wouldn't be Texas without oil...oil pump jacks dot the horizon in West Texas

                     The Old Gen'rl Store at McDonna and; locals too tough or too stubborn to move on...

A West Texas 'sky scraper'; Producer's  Grain  Corporation Elevator at Plainview Texas

     A funnel cloud rushes along the rim of Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo Texas

 Horse-drawn carriage in downtown San Antone' and gas powered tourist Trolley

Wildlife is abundant; here a  bird handler from the 'Birds of Prey Foundation' displays an Owl and Eagle; the foundation raises money to care for wounded or injured birds

  Blue Bonnets (The State Flower) & Cactus; surround a homestead of the 1850-1880's

There are more missions in San Antone' than just the Alamo so come on down and visit all the sites of the city; the Mission trail winds thru the southside from mission to mission

Air Force TARS Site at Mysterious Marfa; TARS is an Aerial Observation Platform that
is helping to protect our southern border and is putting a kink in drug running operations


                Silent Heros have fallen for the sake of Texas Freedom and Independence

All Photos taken By F.R. Bob Price and may be reproduced as long as photo credit is given and notice  sent to:

Here's a  birds-eye view of San Antonio...Lower right is the Alamo Dome where the World Champion Spurs play; across I-37 is Hemisphere Plaza and the site of the 1968 Worlds Fair. Going further North you start running into The River Walk and Riverwalk Mall.  At the Junction of Crockett and Bonham Streets is the site of the Mission San Antonio de Bexar or better known as The Alamo...the Cradle of Texas Liberty.

                                             (Map Courtesy of Coca Cola of San Antonio)

Remember the Alamo!

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