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Past Projects...I heard I was back in town...
1965 GMC Bus, powered by a Dodge 318 Red Ram 'pusher' motor, fully self contained, living area, double sink, built in stove, bathroom and shower, master-bed room and full size bed, wood panel cabinets, full size refrige-rator, wall to wall carpet, full lighting over-head, Swivel-Mounted Captains Chairs, air conditioning and power generator.

The Bus was a former Air-Force Communications Coach; which had no windows along the sides. An added feature were the large smoked 'Winnebago' windows installed in the front and the rear. The walls around the Master Bed Room were nearly all windows and made for some really great moon-light nights of sleep. Five foot tall mirrors were installed along the hallway leading to the bedroom and along with a mirror above the sink gave the appearance of depth. Rust colored carpet and dark rust curtains off-set with brass lamps, and lions-head cabinet handles made it pleasant to the eye. A pull out dark brown couch forward added extra sleeping quarters and a full desk made for a practical living area. Counter space and bulit in end-tables provided for eating spaces.

  Bumper sticker on the front of the bus: 'The One With the Most Toys When he Dies Wins..."

The MG tow-vehicle; completely restored and ready for it's test run to the coast of Texas. Old Blue sits in the back-ground. The MG would finally give up the ghost in 1990. It was a bad choice for a tow vehicle as it has a transmission oiler that must operate constantly; and these cars are little more than 'toy cars'; and not made for the great American highways and the stress involved.

The bedroom filled the back of the bus with windows all around and emergency hatch in the back

One of my eventual goals with the bus was to put it into Santa Fe Trailways (or Railroad) Colors; above is a Santa Fe Sleeper Coach. Santa Fe was initially the owners of Continental Trailways and Continental Airlines; but was ordered by the courts to divest itself of the bus and plane traffic. The Santa Fe held on to the railroad passenger service only to lose that method of transportation to the AMTRAK natn'l rail system.
                                        (photo from the F.R. Price Private Railroad Photo Collection)

Layout for the Bus Bachelor Pad...a concrete slab for the Bus, a clear green tinted fiberglass roof over a redwood deck, a rest-room, shower, and sauna in the middle; a Texas Shaped Hot Tub surrounded by red, white and blue indoor outdoor carpet, a corner art studio with windows on two sides, a four car garage, reflecting pool and rock garden accented by palm trees and a water fall...

The final photo. Dreams and plans die hard sometimes; even if those dreams seem alittle askew when they fade...What was once a great idea; soon became a great white whale in the long-run. Still this was home for a very tramatic period of my life; and I have some great memories of friend-ship and fun aboard 'The Bus'...I remember this one time when....oh, guess I better not tell that one!


                                            The End

    This page dedicated to the Joe D. Vaughn Family; without their help and kindness...I would not be here today!

     "The Crest and Crowning of All Good, Life's Final Star, is Brotherhood."
                                                                                                         Edwin Markum