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Bob was Track-Photographer Amarillo Speedway and Editor Motor Sports in Action; Randall Co. Reporter; these photos represent a larger collection of racing action
                                                Up, Up, Up and Over!
                                           (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

This was Play-Day at Amarillo Speedway (formerly Amarillo Speedbowl).  This is a
good historical reminder to never take safety for granted. The driver and crew of this
car spent weeks and months preparing it for the upcoming season. However, as 'play-day' rolled around; everything was installed but the safety harness. The whole harness had been 'wired in' with bailing wire...the driver suffered serious injuries. It's better to feel good than to just look good...and this driver learned his lesson well.
Don't take chances with safety equipment!

 Foster at Southwest Speedway Amarillo setting up to drive to the bottom  of turn four
                                                           (Copyright photo:  F.R. Price 1978)
            Lyndon Moss at Amarillo Speedway turning up the torque to the rear wheels
                                                                     (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

               The Zahn Racer panned coming into turn three; Lubbock Motor Speedway
                                                                          (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

                        'Big Daddy' Don Garlits from the timing tower at Amarillo Dragway
                                                                        (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

    One of the Lathem's gets down and dirty in the red clay of Amarillo Speedway
                                                             (Copyright Photo: F. R. Price 1978)

Dennis Glass Pro Auto Glass Special at the apex  between turn 3 & 4 Amarillo
                                                                (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

Gary Taylor at Amarillo Speedway;  
this is what happened to some 1955 -'56 -'57 cars
                                                                (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

These are examples of the Amarillo Speedway I remember as a kid; pictured from left
to right is a '37 Chevy Sportsman Class Stockcar, '37 Ford Sportsman, '57 Ford Street Stock, a Sprint Car and Super-Modified all are model cars I built more than 20 years
ago;  the Sportsman Class stockcar was my inspiration for Hot Rods but I havn't been brave enought to drop my fenders...yet...

 A Roland Brunson Crop-Duster Super demonstrates 'the slide' Amarillo Speedway
                                                                (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

Street-Stock action pitting the Gyle Wells Chevelle against a Malibu,
                                                                    (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

                             '57 Chevy;  #39 plowing up turn #3 Amarillo Speedway
                                                                      (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

 The Great Kenny Stidd in the Sid Stout Ford Super Modified during Labor Day 1978;
I first  met Kenny in 1959 when I was only seven; I have always appreciated his racing
skills and  have been a fan of his ever since.                                        
                                                                (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

Kenny Stidd and his red and white #1 Super Modified; Stidd's driving techniques and  Courage were superior and developed thru many years of red clay racing in Amarillo
                                                                         (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

                   Stidd taking the checkered flag in one of the hundreds of races he won
                                                                      (Copyright Photo: F.R. Price 1978)

Well, that'll have to do it for now...I appreciate your time and hope you enjoyed these snippets of the past I sure did have alot of fun taking the pictures; though it was pretty dangerous.  If any of you have any photos of what I call Sportman Class Stockcars; or Jalopy Racers, or any coupes made into Stockcars...I'd really appreciate it if you would send them to me so that I can post 'em on your own page here at Bob's Hot Rod Shop.
E-mail me at TexasFazdraw@Cs.Com Here is an example of what I am talking about
from a model car I built many many years wheeled coupes were the best!

                                            'SPORTSMAN CLASS'  STOCK CAR

 Another of my folk hero's was Jack Hall of Amarillo. I painted the car in his colors of purple and white and in his number- 37. Hall had admirable talents and I have seen him race a Super-Modified, Sportsman, Street Stock and what they called 'Junkers' all in
one night...on many many occassions. He also lived down the street from me and would
let me sit in his car on occassion.  This was the old breed of race driver.

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                Photography Pages Dedicated to:
    Paul D. Lovelace
                   who tried to teach me photography in the U.S. Army...
           Dave Lovelace on a Intelligence Mission with British troops in Berlin

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